Anderson Wheeler Skyfall Edition - James Bond Double Rifle

Anderson Wheeler .500 Nitro Express - SKYFALL James Bond - Agent 007 Movie

Anderson Wheeler of London are proud to have supplied one of their fine boxlock express double rifles for the defence of the realm in the recent James Bond film, ‘Skyfall’. The rifle is chambered in the mighty .500 Nitro Express, and built to embody many of the qualities normally associated with the man himself; classic taste and style coupled with a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. This rifle is building a reputation as the Professional hunter’s choice for its reliability, accuracy and overall good looks

The Rifle

The action is hand-engraved with a traditional Anderson Wheeler house scroll with a coin finish. The rear-sight consists of one standard and two folding leaves fitted on a quarter-rib, and the front sight comes with a 2mm silver bead and a 4mm ivory bead that can be flipped over for use poor light conditions or close quarters. The hand-rubbed, oil-finished stock and forend are made from carefully selected exhibition grade Turkish walnut, crafted to fit the clients’ personal specifications to ensure balance and a perfect fit. The thick recoil-pad, articulated front trigger and a centralised balance make this rifle a pleasure to shoot and easy to handle.

The Cartridge

The rifle used in the film is chambered for the venerable .500 (3in) Nitro Express, a derivative of a round first designed in the 1890s. This vintage big game calibre gained an unshakable reputation across Africa, particularly throughout the British colonies, for its all-round reliability against all but the biggest of Africa’s game.

the cover of Greg Williams book 'Bond on set' with a picture of Daniel Craig holding the Anderson Wheeler 500 double rifle

Anderson Wheeler .500 Nitro Express - SKYFALL James Bond - Agent 007 Movie